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Jai’s new meditation offerings!

Receive your own personalized meditation practice!

$90 $50 Private Session

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Meditation is not always one size fits all. And it is definitely not easy! Despite it looking like just sitting and doing nothing, many yoga students find quieting the mind to be very challenging. 

But the benefits of meditation are worth putting in the effort for, as they can be truly life changing! 

  • Much deeper and more restful sleep

  • Significant ease of body tension

  • Mental clarity

  • Improved decision making (from small to big!)

  • Increased focus at work

  • Better access to creativity

  • Clearer communication

  • Significantly reduced anxiety

  • Significantly reduced depression

  • Increased energy and stamina

This personalized mediation package includes:

  • Two - 20 minute private sessions

  • Follow up 10 minute “Tune up” and results observance

These will take place online, or in studio depending on which works with your schedule. 

In your first 20 minute private session with Ella she will listen to your current ailments and particular stresses and struggles. In this process, she is able to "prescribe" you particular types of meditation that will work best for you. Then in your second session (about a week later, you will receive your personally prescribed meditation and practice it with Ella. These meditations are then done for between 40 days and a year.  You will then have a follow up 10 minute consultation to see how it's going and get further training and support from Ella. 

Ella has been practicing and studying meditation for over 18 years. Her education spans a wide range of styles including: Vedantic, Buddhist, Hindu, Mantra, Pranayama, Kundalini, Chanting, and Mudra Mediations. She has studied for over 10 years at Ananada Ashram under the guidance of Joan Suval, as well with Gadahara Pandit Dasa (Author of Urban Monk), Kadam Morton at the Kadampa Buddist center, and Charlie Knoles, renowned Vedic teacher. 

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Meditation Class — Thursdays at 7 pm

This class is open to everyone!

Free for Jai members, and for non-members just a $10 drop-in.

Come settle your mind through simple meditation practices. No mat needed, no special clothes. Just bring yourself and come sit with us. It’s truly amazing how this practice can change your life.


Yoga Teacher Training

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