Passion and Patience (October 2017 Theme)

Lately, I’ve been recognizing my tendency to thrive in a state of passion, and get a little depressed when I’m confronted with the time for patience. Driven for my creative endeavors and deeply searching for love, I launch into projects with complete focus and high drive intensity, and then become depleted and sad when they are finished, subside, or seems stalled in some way. I’ve realized I need to develop a taste for the interludes where I might have less control or direct effect, but instead I can wait for the earth to respond to seeds I’ve planted. Sitting in the waiting room of your dreams, may seem passive. But if patience is a counter to falling into a state of disappointed drudgery, then it becomes the stealth secret force beneath the ocean tide that’s always moving all of us in the right direction.

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The Neurological Magic That Happens When We Slow Down

A few weeks ago, an old knee injury started acting up again. I was in a great deal of pain.

The only way I could avoid aggravating it was by not going anywhere (not an option), or walking really really slowly. Slower than a senior citizen living in Alabama on the hottest day of the year. Yeah, that slow.

You can imagine what an odd thing it was to slow down that much. As a New Yorker, I was careful to move out of the way of the typical Ferrari-paced person as they revved up behind me and needed to pass.

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Ascending the Summit

One day when I was rock climbing, I found my way to a large ledge just a few yards from the top.

I tried to get over it or around it for several minutes. Finally, exhausted, I yelled down to my belay partner “Coming down!”

He said, “Nah, you’re almost there!”

“Yes,” I said, “but I can’t get past it, and I’m exhausted and just done.” I said this in complete satisfaction of the height I’d reached, it being the highest I’d reached yet. As a yogi, I lack a competitive nature. Well, actually, I was born that way—there’s not a competitive bone in my body, not even with myself.

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Communication - The Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra

The fifth chakra is our seat of communication.  The reason the quality of our voice is the best way to know our practice is progressing, is because the fifth chakra is the last and highest of the chakras that manifest on a physical plane. All the work we do to balance ourselves out from the first chakra on up will be reflected on the top level. Just as a top blanket will be only as smooth as the sheets and other blankets beneath it. When the top is smooth, we know the under layers are smooth as well.

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Bhav, or Bhaaaaav means just like how it sounds, a delicious yogic mood.  It’s the quality of living in a divine state. We often think of our mood as something we have little control over. Like the weather, we are subject to the things around us, what happens to us, how much sleep we get, hormonal fluctuations and well, yes, the weather itself.

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Happy Habits

From “Should” to “sweet desire…”
Most of us have no problem indulging in things. Come on… What’s your vice? Mid-afternoon latte? After dinner chocolate? Happy hour drink?  Yet, what people often report to me about their yoga or meditation practice is that they “should be better about it.”  I try as best I can to shift the mindset from “should” to one of sweet desire

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Inner Strength (June Theme)

Inner strength grows when you start to believe whole heartedly that absolutely no one or nothing has the power over your happiness but you.

When life feels off balance in some way, it's natural to look at our external circumstances and check to see if any change needs to be made. While it's true, making changes to our external lives can reflect intuitive direction toward continued growth, what happens when you've tried all the changes you could, externally, and something just still feels wrong?

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I remember resisting gps navigation when first came out. I was used to taking a moment to looking at a map before I started my route, capturing a picture of it in my mind, plotting the turns and imagining the intersections. Giving myself a "feeling" of how long certain portions of the drive would be, and what landmarks to look out for that would precede turns. 
With gps, an external guide, there was something that felt strange about not carrying the bigger picture in my head.

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Embracing Change

Change is a constant. It is our privilege and our challenge all in one, but it's never wrapped up neat and pretty with a bow. Anytime one moving part of your life changes, the other parts jostle around to make room for it. So, change is usually messy, uncertain, and filled with both excitement and anxiety. 

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A New You

The first breath: feel the wealth, the warmth and sweetness this life already holds for you...
Second, Third and beyond breaths: Envision all that you want to create this year. Breath life into each and every dream in your soul right now. See it feel it coming to life in the same way you feel the elements what you already have. 

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September Theme: Trust

Each time I think of trust, I end up traveling inward. One of the greatest gifts that my practice of yoga has given to me, is to find trust within myself, both on and off the mat. It took me many years of practice, with many wonderful teachers who repeatedly expressed this idea to me in a variety of ways, but for so long it didn't sink it. I seemed to unconsciously fight against the concept that nobody else knows me like I do. 

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August Theme: Slow

Okay, New Yorkers, admit it: yogi or not, we’ve all had evil thoughts about that unwitting tourist we end up walking behind down the subway stairs. Even if you’re not running to get somewhere on time, New York trains you to have a certain gait that outpaces most all other people on the planet. Yeah, we live in that city.  What’s cool about it is we get more done in a minute than many do in an hour, but that speed catches up with you when you get to the end of your day and you can’t slow down or shut down. So we come to yoga and meditation to balance it all out.

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It's so easy to get wrapped up in our next step that we forget to enjoy the moment of taking that step. For me, my morning commute is a perfect example. I jump on the train, and all I am thinking about is getting to work. It's almost as if my mind is already at work and I'm just waiting for my body to arrive to join. I am not present in this moment.

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