Halloween! The Fear Factor

Facing Fear

by Ella Luckett

Halloween is a time where we have fun with fear! We actively seek out ways to scare ourselves, and indulge in images of death, which is supposedly our greatest fear. It’s said in the pagan wisdom that fall is the time when the portal between the worlds of the living and the spirits is the most open. This openness can play on our anxiety of the unknown, but with a playful willingness to entertain the mystery of life and beyond we can build boldness in living in the here and now.

The unknown feels dark. Where do we go after this? What will happen when the body our soul inhabits falls away? I think more than anything the sense of aloneness in that particular journey is the scariest thing humans can think about.  Imagine your world without anyone who knows you. Imagine not being seen or heard or touched. This, at our very core, is likely our deepest fear. And so without a body, which is the carrier of the senses of sight, sound and touch, how do we feel our place in this universe, or even know who we are or what we are? That kind of ambiguity is almost impossible for our minds to wrap around, and is thus the subject of the biggest cultural pre-occupation of all time: religion and spiritual practice.

Ella Luckett