Big Moves

By Natalie Hawley

Hanumanasana is a very beautiful yet intimidating pose that I find myself rarely attempting. It is one of those poses I put in the "I could do that when I was little" category, as if I now have completely different hamstrings that won't budge now that I am twenty-five. However, because of a consistent yoga practice, I am currently flexible, so I have been attempting more since the announcement of this theme. And I am much closer than I thought! It will still take consistent, honest work to really find the full expression, but I was surprised how I hadn't really realized that efforts in other similar asanas were working towards this seemingly scary, ultimate, flexible asana. And I do think that we are often closer to "big leaps" in life than we think, but we put that act on a pedestal or think of it as unattainable, when in fact we have been making small efforts toward it for quite some time.

Ella Luckett