Life Principle Mantras

Mantras are a form of meditation practice in which one chants the same phrase over and over again. The words or phrases are of a high spiritual vibration. This practice steadies the mind, giving the person space to breath, and look past all the “vrittis,” which is yoga’s way of saying junk, worries, anxieties, memories etc. Once these are out of the way, the practitioner can begin to know their true Self. 

But chanting mantras happens whether you’ve ever learned the practice or not. And more often then not, the chanting is actually not high spiritual vibration, but rather, self-criticisms, complaints, and fears. Have you ever caught yourself after you did something you wished you hadn’t saying in your mind “you’re so stupid!” or, “I suck!.” These very low, negative vibratory phrases, carry weight, and there’s a part of your brain (this is scientifically proven) that doesn’t know they are untrue. 

These negative repetitions are like weeds, if nothing else is planted in that soil bed, and no one weeds them out, they just take over, and become the dominant vibration that you carry around. So while you may not really believe that you are stupid, or suck, it only takes having that automatic response here and there when things go array, to have that be your set point for living. 

Therefore, we need to plant a garden!

This month, I ask you to take some time, maybe during meditation in one of the Jai classes, or when ever you find a moment to let your mind explore and be creative, and see if you can find for yourself between 1-4 short phrases or words that are your Life Principle Mantras. I’ll give you onlyl one of mine, as an example, but I don’t want to give you all of mine, precisely so that you can explore and seek out what are your own core values and principles that you want to live every single day by. So, my first one is: “Live Joyfully.” 

That might sound trite, but given my experience with going for periods of time in self-loathing, persistant complaints, dis-satisfaction with life, or numbing for fear of pain, “Live Joyfully” combats all of that, and sends me right back to my set point, where I’ve committed to enjoying the minutes, hours and days of this life. Suddenly that commitment, and that mantra overpower and rise above any of the junk that was weighing me down. 

So keep them short specific, and spend time, getting visceral about what that Life Principle Mantra means to you. This will give you a robust garden to live in, and act as an all-natural pesticide, to destroy the pesty bad thoughts which if not overpowered by principles, will overpower you. Write at least two or three life mantras down today. Don’t think too hard, just listen to your core. It’s the answer to the question: “How do I want to live this life?” Not how as in “what do I want to do, where should I live, etc. How as in with what quality, do I want to live this life? What will my overall tone be at the end of the day. What is at the very center of me in this one precious experience? Then let the mantra take seed. Chant it a few times to yourself, and then see the moments throughout your day when you are not living according to those principles, and just gently, like we do in meditation, gently bring yourself back to your high vibrational chant. You’re heart-song. 


Ella Luckett