Three Poses for INNER STRENGTH

Feeling tossed around by the world? 
Here's Three Poses to develop your Inner Strength...

1.  Navasana (Boat Pose)

Navasana gets deep within our core strength muscles: Psoas, and the abs. Practice going from Navasana to updog three times in a row, to stretch and then engage these muscles.

Navasana boat pose yoga bushwick jai yoga arts


In Warrior 2 we practice having calm strength. the upper body should be relaxed, drop the lowerback and shoulders down so they are not tense, and let the legs fire up to support your super warrior. Last thing is the drishti: give a steady gaze on a single spot straight out infront of you to get the full laser strong focus of this pose. 

virabhadrasana II warrior 2 yoga bushwick jai yoga arts

3. BAKASANA: (Crow Pose)

Crow is the ultimate flying pose. In this pose engage Uddiana Bandha "The flying up lock" by drawing the navel back into the spine. To get flight  draw our energy upward toward the heart.


bakasana crow pose yoga bushwick jai yoga arts brooklyn

My favorite teaching tip in Bakasana:

Instead of resting the knees "on" the arms, wrap the legs around the outside of the arms and squeeze inward. This engages even more inner strength, but is twice as likely to give you flight as trying to balance on the elbows. 

Tell me below what your favorite inner strength pose is!