"For the longest time fear was driving my life"

For the longest time fear was driving my life, primarily fear of the unknown and failure. I worked very hard to line everything up the way I thought it should be in order to live a secure and successful life. As the years went and my financial security grew, my fear didn't subside, instead, I began to fear that I would be stuck in a job and a life that didn't make me happy, that didn't excite me, that made me dread the beginning of the week. I didn't know how to get out of this world that I had created for myself, a world that I thought I truly wanted.

As I have progressed in my practice and have begun to become a part of the amazing yoga community, I see that it's not impossible to be excited about what I am doing. That I can both have purpose in my career and live the day to day. I have no doubt that the adventure I am embarking on will have it's ups and downs, but at least I know that I am in the drivers seat and that, come what may, I am giving it my all. I don't fear failure, because even if my plans don't play out as I expect them to, I will meet people and do things that perhaps send me in another direction, one that I never would have thought possible without taking the steps to climb out of my box and try something scary and new. While fear can sometimes be a backseat driver, I finally feel in control, excited, and hopeful for the unknown and I welcome it with open arms.