How to be a Better Conversationalist

I read somewhere once that one way to be a better conversationalist is to tell yourself when you're in the middle of a conversation, that "the next conversation can be about you." Once you tell yourself this, you can get out of your own head and be more present to what the other person is saying. What's usually happening in a conversation is you're waiting to say something, thinking of your own response, thinking about your own situation--your ego is getting in the way. Your ego is trying to assert itself. Your ego is putting up a wall between the other person and you. And so, it's not only remembering this ("the next conversation can be about you") in conversation with someone else, but also when trying to listen to yourself. Your true self is in there, giving you advice, insight and love, but your ego gets in the way. "No, this temporary thing I'm feeling right now is more important!" But it's never true. "The next conversation can be about you, ego." Give yourself space to listen.