July Theme: Transitions

Transitions by Ella Luckett

In the vinyasa flow practice we move from one posture to the next linking them with vinyasa and breath.  Focus on the poses is like focusing only on a photograph of your favorite day at the beach instead of breathing it in while you are there and absorbing the full serene, warmth and ocean air around you.

It’s like when tourists get so focused on getting a good selfie picture at the top of something magnificent, like Machu Pichu, that they don’t settle in, get quiet, and take in the glory of the site before them.

This month we are focused on the “In between space.” The little moments in between the glorious ones.  You might be going along in your practice focused on the postures themselves. You might focus on alignment, sensation, breath, and meditation while in the posture itself, but are you able to carry that through the transitions? Now, we’ll take our practice to the next level where we put energy into maintaining that meditative mind, qualitative breath and smooth body motion in the little moments between.

Enter in a little bit of “savoring.” Draw the sweetness you feel in the postures into the moments between them. A languid journey from Tadasana (Mountain pose, standing simply at the top of your mat) as you spread your arms wide and float and fly down to your forward fold.  Seeing the full long inhale as you step forward and rise up into High lunge.  Let your mind be fully engaged the entire time in the liquid, steadiness of breath, the clear and open mind, and a breath filled body.  In these little transitions our practice goes from a set of postures to a full embodiment of yoga’s “Bhav” or spiritual “mood.”

Then, when we bring it off the mat we go from relishing in only the highest moments, to being fully present through all of life. So if you currently in some kind of great transition breathe through each moment, and stay present through it all, no matter how frazzled it seems at times. If this isn’t a month of transition for you, then notice the little moments from here to there, the small transitions from work to play, what are the details of your life around you? Are you breathing through all of it?

Vinyasa is the linking of all the little moments into one big bouquet. Even the flowers that seem too small to matter, collectively make the vision.

Click here for a little clip where Robin Williams explains: “The Good Stuff.”