Living Loving Kindness

About a week ago, I was having a rough morning. Just one of those mornings where everything is going wrong: the weather was terrible, my dog ran through mud and was a mess, I was running late, and then I JUST missed the subway. As the doors shut in my face, part of me wanted to scream. In my head, I was blaming the train conductor for not waiting two more seconds, cursing the guy who was taking forever to swipe his metro card...slipping farther and farther into a bad mood. Pretty much the opposite of loving kindness.

I stepped on the next train, took a deep breath and tried to get it together. 
I looked down and seated in front of me was an older woman, who was staring at me. She smiled and motioned me close to her to tell me something. Confused, I looked down to see if I was standing on her bag or something? She then simply said, 'My dear, you have the most beautiful eyes.' I was speechless for a good thirty seconds, so taken by surprise. I thanked her and we talked for a few minutes before I got off. She had changed my entire day, my entire mood, with her kind words. I'm used to the L train being a bit hostile, but this lovely woman was in her own world, one where you see other people. I went on with my day, and tried to take her kindness and carry it with me, passing it on to others. Lately when I feel myself start to get back into that negative place for whatever reason, I think of her. It's amazing what a simple act can do, and how easy it can be if you are mindful of it.