November Theme : Love!

Ahh love. Why does that word simultaneously conjure up our greatest joy and our greatest pain? Because love is synonymous with attachment. 

Love is the most free thing that exists. If we sit right now, and go into deep meditation, we will find a reservoir of love, deeper than the deepest ocean. Sit quietly, try it now….


How do you know it is love? You know when there is no fear present. 

Love. It is inside us, as the nectar of our soul. Love is the sweetness of divine pleasure. When you tap into it, it overwhelms you with the highest high. Love is always there, everywhere inside and outside you, yet it is an easily draped ghost. So willing to hide in the shadows of our mind….

Sometimes we look right through love’s crystal clear window and mistake a person or passion as love itself.  Though one’s ego holds the willingness to open or close their own curtains, let not a closure feel like a diminishment of your love. A closure only invites another direction. Like a fractal crystal, love must find angles and shapes to be visible. Your love’s landing soil may never look the same as it did yesterday. And tomorrow it will unfold yet again into a character differently divine. 

Our greatest mistake is to affix our love onto an ever changing body of a person, or an ever evolving art of passion. Instead we can engage in the translucent conduction of love’s power and move with gratitude around the tragic edges that define where our loves light can shine. 

And so we let go and get taken on love’s current.  A powerful river that bounces and weaves around large motionless boulders of heavy, weight and cool reprieve.  True love smooths these obstacles, yet in a thousand years may thankfully never diminish them away. Without them, how would we know the dancing peak of loves collision? The inevitable break, though it may shatter our entire constitution, reveals the momentus power of love’s current.  Would you have love’s river run any other way? Would you ask her to stall her powerful stride? No. In true love’s presence there can live no fear, no resistance. 

Sitting now, you’re well stirs and boils. Get out of the way and allow the spill. Let your object be no object and all objects, for they are an every changing landscape. Unbridle your grip on love’s direction, for you cannot control or contain. In this release, the wisdom of love’s force will carry you dancing beyond awareness and roll you onto the beach unrecognizable, smoothed, without scar.  -Ella Luckett, Jai Yoga Arts