I was at an amazing dance party this week, dancing my ass off, shaking out tension, and feeling connected to my soul again. There was a moment, when I needed a break, and some water, and before jumping back in, I just stood at the edge of the room. 

I often forget that I am being given to, all the time.

Looking at everyone dancing, and the dj laying out the vibe for us. I lingered for a while there. Receiving. "It's not all about me," I thought. "Get out of looking inward, and see all that's overflowing from others." I received the gift of all these people willing to let go, be themselves, and express with their bodies. I received the dj's intention to provide uplifting rhythm and tone. I took it all in, and felt the awesome gift of this experience.

As hard workers, passionate creators, and seekers of the good life, we are often in a mode of thinking, processing, talking, knowing... This month, I invite you to remember how to open up and receive. 

We hang out with a friend and receive their time and attention, we take the train and receive a cool ride through a tunnel too our destination, we go to a party and receive a celebration, we go home for the holidays and receive a warm re-connection to the source of our creation. 

When we can see all that we receive we become overflowing with the feeling of abundance and gratitude, and for a second, just one moment, we forget about ourselves and all we want and work for, and haven't gotten yet. We just let it in, and that is a really good feeling. 

This holiday, there are so many gifts besides the ones that are wrapped. Open your eyes and hearts and receive. :)