Self Care

This month's theme is

With all the sniffles and coughs going around, and the totally insane state of the country, it's time to step up your self care routine big time! It's amazing how our mental state can affect our health, so here's
3 tips for better self care!

1. Get better sleep: install blue light filters on phones and computers, eat your meals earlier in the day so your stomach is empty for sleep, and just plain go to bed earlier. You'd be surprised what an extra hour of rest can do for you!
2. News diet. Seriously people, we have to stay informed but it reaches a limit where watching this level of insanity as it plays out in the media and on our fb pages is just wreaking havoc on our nervous systems. Stay informed, take action where you can, and then take a break from it. It's stressing everyone out, and stress is our biggest health killer. 
3. Meditation routine. Steal 10 minutes twice a day for a little "Mind-Cleanse." Simply close your eyes and watch your breath. You can even do this on the subway. To learn more, check out Ella's 4 day course starting next week! Or just drop on on Monday nights 8:30pm.

Be Well!