September Theme: Dissolve

There is so much we can do. So many thoughts we can have. We build, manifest, and create our lives. We organize, plan, and try our best at everything from work to relationships. And then there comes a moment, when we cannot do anymore. 

The world broke me and broke me open. There came this moment when all of my efforts of control and decisions were worthless. There was nothing I could do, nothing I could plan. No decision I could make. Lying in a clouded haze, disoriented and drained, I gave my life in this moment to only love. All at once, I gave up, gave in, and gave over. In a leap of full faith, I handed over control to that great sound wave that prevails in all of us. The One. The one pulse that moves us all. It is the most sacred holy thing that was once called God, but now has no name. I cannot explain it, but it is all of us. It is everything. Absorbed in love's ever burning purity. There is nothing I can do, but dissolve into you. 

Dissolve… Dissolve the anger even as it tries to eat you. Dissolve. Forgive the one’s who will never apologize… Dissolve. In the watery depths of your soul, mix the love and the knives together; moving ocean smooths them into precious metal. .. Dissolve… The light into the sultry darkness of night. Dissolve your windows made of breakable glass, behind which you safely, coldly sit and watch my every move. I am your capture and I am captured with this lens between us… Dissolve…Static time, let me move… Dissolve my words and thoughts. Let sound be only song…This extracting exacting mind is leaving me now… I am imprinted only for a moment in your embrace. This is the only true time. No one owns the lines. The war is over, dissolve.

-Ella Luckett, Jai Yoga Arts