"I see the Temple as the place where I find peace..."

For me, I see the Temple as the place where I find peace and comfort throughout each day.  It is an ever changing place, that ebbs and flows like a tide.  It is that moment I wake up and see the light coming through my bedroom windows, and enjoy quiet before my schedule takes over.  It is the notes of my favorite songs that I lose myself in on a long subway ride.  Or hearing my mom’s voice for just a few minutes during a busy day at work.  The moments that may be fleeting, but bring you back to the present, to yourself.   That wash away the worries and frustrations that life can challenge you with, and let you just be. Jumping onto the couch with my dog when I get home and looking into those big, brown happy eyes.  Savoring the flavors of a delicious dinner and appreciating the guy who made it for me.  Walking into Jai, rolling out my mat, and feeling at home.  Ready to teach, learn and practice.  And ready to embrace the next hour as time for myself, to nourish my body and mind, at the beautiful temple that has become such a happy space in my life :).