"The temple is within us..."

I love that we are recognizing sacred spaces in ourselves and our lives. I certainly find my bedroom to be one of my temples. I have a small alter for my meditations and my windows face east so its very energizing to practice here in the mornings. Keeping this space clean and calm definitely keeps me at ease. However, when the weather is nice I find myself abandoning this temple to be outside. Living in New York I think the city's parks are all temples in themselves. There's something very cleansing about laying in soft grass and breathing in (relatively) fresh air especially in a place that calls us to spend most of our time in buildings or surrounded by concrete, these green spaces are all the more precious!

When I am with a few of my very close friends, whom I don't see often, it feels like we create an importance and attention in our time and place together very reminiscent of a sacred space. It makes me feel like it's less about the actual place and more about the energy and attention that we bring to it, that's what makes places and spaces sacred to us. The temple is within us, and we just have to discover how to awaken it in our external lives. I think I'm going to start figuring out how to let this temple resonate in more outlets of my life so I can find the sacred importance in everything I do!