"We are our own sacred space..."

In thinking about the temple, I have been thinking a lot about sacred geometry -- the mathematical principles that guide the design and construction of our sacred spaces; our temples, churches, mosques, synagogues. We as humans are drawn to admire these principles both in nature as well as in the built environment. And the human body itself is designed with these principles in mind, we are proportioned to mimic these patterns that we see in nature. So we are our own sacred space. Which then leads me to think about how you treat a sacred space. It's not all about geometry. A space is sacred because of intention. You want to keep it clean, to take care of it. To offer it great things so that it can provide for you. We do the same with the body. We come to yoga to clean things out, remove what doesn't serve us, open ourselves to things that do. We give to our own sacred space, so it can give to us.