April's Theme: Embrace

Embrace your dreams, though their gravity parades as an imagined captor

To move through the darkness, savory tunnel walls must be built

The sweetness at each end is a distant flavor, 

        that pulls but must not bind.

The walls themselves, in their chaotic construction, frame life’s glimpses

       the one’s we keep, cherish, hold into the next warm night’s dream

Embrace timing as pure and perfect

       pedal hard, and coast, 

Panting at the door in earnest anticipation

       Quiet, calm hands

Fierce, but not rigid, the person in the door accepts your bold heart

Melt into the embrace offered to you, but do not let your knees buckle as you stand

        always on your own one love. 

        She is a solo traveler

Embrace the forces that seem to work against you. 

        Their friction is your source

Embrace me, though my catch may break

       I will put all force of wind to meet your fire