February's Theme: Share and Receive

Recently a friend had posted on her fb wall: "Are you ok?"  I'm here if you need anything. 

I wrote back, because not being entirely sure how fb works, I wasn't sure if that was a direct note to me, or if it was something that was out to the public. She said it was a general post, and that she wrote it because so many of her friends are going through rough patches right now. 

We joked a bit, as I shared that I had my winter breakdown in January this year, so I was glad it was over with.  She said she had knocked hers out early too, and now is wanting to give back to the late comers. lol.  It felt good to be able to make fun of what for each of us was actually extremely difficult stretches.  

I did something different when I hit my rough patch a few weeks back. I reached out big time, instead of going inward, isolating, and trying to fix things myself. I just reached out and shared. 

I allowed myself to be cared for, for a period of time, and in the process received more enriched relationships. I also had the pleasure of listening to some of my friend's current situations and offering my ear to them as well. The full circle of energy is so soothing in it's unpredictable swirl of soft caressing sentences as we amble through an obstacle course on our way somewhere really important. These gentle conversations where nothing gets done, but just the mere act of sharing are like a step out of time, to slow down the razor sharp world, and have a moment to breathe.

This month I invite you to deepen your participation in the dance of sharing and receiving. Whether you feel you are in a state where you need to reach out for support, or just in a place of quiet reflection. Open your mouth and talk on a very real level about what's up for you. Be willing to receive the wealth of care that is available through your fellow stumbling, flying, humble humans