June's Theme: The Temple...

The Temple...

In Thailand it seems there was a temple on every block. Great big beautiful buildings made of rounded edges and glittery gold. Statues of the buddah in meditative bliss. Archways, flowing staircases, and reflection pools. Spaces where the only purpose was to come and re-ground, re-center, become calm, and feel reverence for life. 

The people would kneel and take three devoted bows before the buddah's feet. You could tell that these bows cleansed their spirit, relieved their pain and re-set their soul. 

It got me thinking that these sacred spaces were the reason the whole country felt at peace. I never felt rushed there, I felt respected and honored by each person I interacted with. I never felt harassed, or pressured. And there was a lite of genuine joy in each person's smile. Just as you are what you eat, our digestion includes the visuals we create around ourselves. To an American, it may seem a waste of space to devote an area just for soulful contemplation. But the spaciousness of such devoted places manifests inside our very being and turns into expanded time, expanded joy, valuable things that cannot be purchased with money.

Temples can come in many forms. Churches, art studio's, the stage, your place of yoga, a corner in your room. I hope everyone can find and expand their temple, as I know that expansion grows on the inside as well as out. 

I hope that Jai acts as a temple of space for people. When you come here, feel the devotion of so many practitioners and teachers. See the open space as your space to dissolve obstacles and create newness. But also, be sure to create your temple within your space at home, and within your own body. 

In the spaces you live and work, is there something beautiful to look at that brings you peace... Is there a picture, or an ornament that gives you a breath when you look at it... Do you devote time to keeping your space clutter free so that you can feel peace... No question marks, they are your own answers. And for the temple of the body, can you carry inside you some place where you can look to at any time of day or night... A beautiful place, a memory or a hope that is comforting and re-assuring. These are the temples within and without.

June's poem:

There is a temple nearby. It is open from dawn till dusk and then again all throughout the night. Around the corner, up the stairs, in the fold of your clothes. The temple radiates goodness, relief, peace. There is a glow it holds as the night crawls in. A glow  from the light of wisdom and courage that you've grown. Now, outside yourself, be washed by your own reflection. Drink the radiance that is at once, yours and mine and for all to absorb. Renew, reset and restore, at the temple.