Leaning Into the Present

January is always a month of conscious goal-devotion. We all come into any new year with a laundry list of things we want for ourselves. We set goals to better the self, to enhance notions of self wort etc. And while achieving those goals and raising our standards for ourselves is important, it is equally important to revel in the journey that gets us there. We live in a goal-oriented society, but life happens in the transition from one space (physical, mental, emotional) to another. Leaning in to me connotes a level of commitment to an end goal, but also a commitment to the process of getting there. It is a trust in the self that you will arrive at where ever it is you want to go, but also a trust in the self in knowing that right where you are at any moment in time on your way to the end goal is exactly where you're supposed to be. Commit to the present.