I had a friend once say to me once, “When you’re going through hell... keep going!”

It makes total sense…I mean, why would anyone linger in a hot, troll infested, swamp of a situation?

But our tendency to freeze, hold and grip, when life presents us with challenges, is not at all uncommon. How long have you waited before confronting a situation that was weighing on your mind? How much tension have you held before finally surrendering to change and moving forward and forgetting about the past?

These are the common responses to stressful events, that yoga tries to support us through. What yoga provides us is a way to loosen up the resistance in your spiritual, emotional, and physical bodies, so that you can move forward, and not linger in tension filled hell. But the key is, unwinding the tension, without completely unraveling.

The idea of “Through” is that we don’t want to use yoga to ignore, or have just an opposite experience to stress.

The channels that open up from yoga should be balanced between being fluid and strong. Think of water for example. In a glass, it poses no threat, but in a 15 foot wave, well, unless you’re a super-pro surfer, you might want to get out of the way. Water has the ability to be harmless, and malleable, calming and healing, or fierce and overpowering. It’s all a question of  how you channel it. What container it’s in.

Our bodies are the container in this case. So, how do you channel prana so that it’s fluid and not stuck; empowering, and not overpowering? The answer is through. In yoga we choose a point of focus called a drishti.  We aim the limbs and the torso, to be a linear physical channel. This gives a great perspective on the phrase, “don’t get bent all out of shape.”  Remain laser focused on the present moment, while opening up the line to the way forward. You’ll feel the gentle momentum guiding you out of negative space, into a more and more positive place.

Ella Luckett