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Communication - The Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra

The fifth chakra is our seat of communication.  The reason the quality of our voice is the best way to know our practice is progressing, is because the fifth chakra is the last and highest of the chakras that manifest on a physical plane. All the work we do to balance ourselves out from the first chakra on up will be reflected on the top level. Just as a top blanket will be only as smooth as the sheets and other blankets beneath it. When the top is smooth, we know the under layers are smooth as well.

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Bhav, or Bhaaaaav means just like how it sounds, a delicious yogic mood.  It’s the quality of living in a divine state. We often think of our mood as something we have little control over. Like the weather, we are subject to the things around us, what happens to us, how much sleep we get, hormonal fluctuations and well, yes, the weather itself.

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Inner Strength (June Theme)

Inner strength grows when you start to believe whole heartedly that absolutely no one or nothing has the power over your happiness but you.

When life feels off balance in some way, it's natural to look at our external circumstances and check to see if any change needs to be made. While it's true, making changes to our external lives can reflect intuitive direction toward continued growth, what happens when you've tried all the changes you could, externally, and something just still feels wrong?

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