The Big Leap! Hanumanasana

By Ella Luckett

Ever been on the verge of something, and feel like you just need someone to push your but out of the airplane? This spring at the YTT Nicaragua I stood at the top of the high jump into the pool every day. Every day I jumped, but it was predicated by my body tensing up, and kind of an anxious pause at the top. I made it my goal, to by the end of training, be able to face my fears, and leap of the high dive with confidence, ease and fun! This month's theme is "The Big Leap" because to take big neccessary steps in our life without tension we need practice. Big changes shouldn't come with resistance and fear, but rather with that sense of fun! Hanumanasana gives us that practice!

 In Hindu mythology the essence of what Hanuman represents is passionate love and devotion, coupled with very big action. Hanumanasana is a pose that we rarely even work on because it’s pretty intense. But sometimes life calls for a big action that takes courage, and may come with some un-comfortability. Hanumanasana is the practice that fortifies our mind and body for such a leap.

I love that Hanumansana is done quite connected to the ground, and yet represents a leap Hanuman took, through the air, across continents and oceans on his mission driven by devotion. His goal, in the story was to rescue the goddess Sita from her captor. But here’s the kicker, he wasn’t the hero rescuing Sita for his own self-glory or reward,but rather out of sheer devotion to his higher spiritual purpose. This great leap shows his utter devotion and faith in the highest representation of spirit, and likewise, your own practice of this pose will show the same.

Hanumanasana (split pose) is a pose that really stretches the front hamstring the deepest, while at the same time stretches the back leg’s psoas, which is the muscle of fear and resistance. When we stretch our front leg out into the unknown while simultaneously releasing fear from our history (the back leg that is behind us) the transformational results are profound.

Ultimately, this pose is done in service to our highest faith in God, or however you wish to describe your spiritual connection to what is about this life.

In Hanumanasana we are powering through all the circumstance that seems to clog the way forward. We simply fly over all the doubt, and the complex landscape of many moving parts that make decision making, and big actions hard. The way forward becomes clear as you take the leap itself, and are already in the air stretching yourself beyond what you thought were your limits. You’ll be letting go of fear and elongating your stride to it’s absolute maximum capacity. It is cathartic, cleansing, and the results manifest in your life as well as your inner constitution.  

The key in this pose is taking deeper more penetrating breaths than you ever have. Resolving to let go, while still holding your composition in support of yourself so that you don’t break. Let yourself sweat through it, and have patience in this fortuitous highly moving moment. Feel the high mountain wind in your hair, and know you are on your way to something great in service to deep abiding love.