Inner Compass

There’s a space, between right around my lower ribs that I try to tune into when I’m feeling a little lost. According to the Chakra map, it is right in the middle of the four elemental chakras, before you get to the higher ones. So, it sits between the ego and the heart on the top, and creativity and security on the bottom.  In this space, I envision lives a little compass. 

Like all mechanisms, it has to be in good working order to function properly. And it’s really quite black and white. Like a watch, whose purpose is telling time, if it’s wrong, it’s completely wrong. The compass is either on or off. But more precisely, it is either tuned into by me, or not. 

I imagine it’s like a very old antique piece, with the wisdom that goes beyond my years on the planet, and yet, sparkles with a knowing that transcends time. It is made of a magnet, and arrows and it points to where my next move should be. 

There is a balance to strike here. As communal animals, we receive so much from each other. I often reach out to friends, teachers, advisors, books and experiences to help guide my decisions. But, we have to remember, that there is a wisdom, that we cannot take in directly. It is as natural as a magnetic field, and it’s only complexity, is that we have to sometimes brush through the rubble of incoming messages, to be able to feel it’s pull. 

This past month, as I faced a big decision, I put too much weight on forces outside of me. These were genuine people, who love me deeply, and reflected what they saw to help serve my decision making process. But my lack of confidence in my decision making abilities, led me to turn up the volume on their voices, and leave my inner compass, closed in it’s case, clanking around uselessly between my ribs. I made the wrong decision. 

Luckily, I was able to reverse it pretty quickly, when I realized. And nothing was more satisfying than polishing off that shiny metal case, and opening it to see clearly the old glass rounded and refined over that perfect magnetic arrow that directs me in the right direction. 

I won’t ever stop listening to my trusted loved ones. Their reflection means the world to me. But, through yoga, we need to remember to keep strong, and keep tuning into our own deep internal knowing. How do you know when you are doing that, and when you are not? When your contemplation process has the recent voices of anyone but yourself echoing in your mental chambers, then you haven’t taken the time to let those voices settle into their place. The place of advisors, but not rulers. Ultimately, in order to accomplish this we have to somehow get to that deep internal place. While the mode is asana to melt the resistance, and meditation to sink deep into the clearing, ultimately trust in yourself is the field leveler. Trust is the compasses’ earthly metallic property that gives it it’s sense of direction.  So use the practices to uncover the existence of your inner guide, but keep truly trusting yourself with love, to feed it so that it can work in it’s perfect mysterious way.

Ella Luckett