Keep It Simple

This month's theme is keep it simple.

Right now the days are the shortest days of the year, and they are diminishing by a minute or so with each passing day. The good news is as of Dec. 21st, the days will begin to turn around and grow instead of diminish. 

This can also be a time of some anxiety with new rushes of cold, and even some blues as the sun that lights our way seems to be scarce. It's also the end of the year which comes with a sense of accomplishment and completion, and sometimes a little exhaustion. For all these reasons, it's a good time to go easy on ourselves and just keep it simple.

If you've ever put too much pressure on yourself, this is a good mantra for you. I encourage you to cultivate your morning mediation practice, even if it is short and sweet. I also encourage to you really truly allow yourself to enjoy life.

These moments with friends, the magic of the holiday spirit. Let a little in, but do not let yourself get overwhelmed. Enjoy it for what it is, and just be yourself.

Ella Luckett