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September Theme: Trust

Each time I think of trust, I end up traveling inward. One of the greatest gifts that my practice of yoga has given to me, is to find trust within myself, both on and off the mat. It took me many years of practice, with many wonderful teachers who repeatedly expressed this idea to me in a variety of ways, but for so long it didn't sink it. I seemed to unconsciously fight against the concept that nobody else knows me like I do. 

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"One of the notable things about temples..."

One of the notable things about temples, is that they are constantly attended to. The temple is cleaned every day by the people who are devoted to the space. In temples it's monks, at Jai it's the teachers and seva's (volunteers). Today lets give thanks to our great teachers and volunteers who make Jai a clean and special place for us to come and release our cares. In this clean space we can see clearly. In a cared for space, we feel cared for. These are all the qualities of a temple. A space for us to connect with our highest self.

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