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Passion and Patience (October 2017 Theme)

Lately, I’ve been recognizing my tendency to thrive in a state of passion, and get a little depressed when I’m confronted with the time for patience. Driven for my creative endeavors and deeply searching for love, I launch into projects with complete focus and high drive intensity, and then become depleted and sad when they are finished, subside, or seems stalled in some way. I’ve realized I need to develop a taste for the interludes where I might have less control or direct effect, but instead I can wait for the earth to respond to seeds I’ve planted. Sitting in the waiting room of your dreams, may seem passive. But if patience is a counter to falling into a state of disappointed drudgery, then it becomes the stealth secret force beneath the ocean tide that’s always moving all of us in the right direction.

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April Theme: Thrive!

The difference between surviving and thriving is almost always in the perspective. It’s in what type of breath you are taking in. Are you gasping in short shallow breaths to serve only the purpose of the moment? Or, can you breathe in big, and ride the moments like a wave – whether tumbling inside it, gliding on it’s crest - always with a laugh  just because you are in the ocean at all!?  

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February Theme of the Month: Loving Kindness

I knew myself to be a good and kind person. I didn’t generally say anything to anyone that was unkind. I kept to myself and didn’t make too many waves. But suddenly bringing the yoga practice into my thoughts, was a whole new level of cleaning house that I wasn’t prepared for.  In a funny sort of way, I was surprised that my teacher even knew that I had thoughts. You just don’t usually think about the fact that other people know that you have thoughts. You keep thoughts to yourself, you try to act nicely, that’s it.  

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