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Leaning into China

I can't believe in a couple of days I will have already been here a month, in China, on the other side of the planet, a million miles away from home and everything I know. While that has always been my intention (to be slightly insane and do the most outlandish thing I can think of by moving to the literal opposite side of the world), within these four short weeks, there have been many, many, many moments of fear, hesitation and even doubt. But, with every second of fear, comes a breath of encouragement and pure excitement that follows suit.

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Lean In...

You’re facing downhill: gravity’s force begins to pull you, your boots tightly locked onto two thin rods that are meant to slide swiftly on cold snowy ground. The goal: to have fun, the challenge: controlled speed. The mission: to stay balanced while navigating the very forces you invited to your party. These forces provide the platform for your journey, and at the same time seem to try to throw you off your game at every turn.  …The rule: Lean in....

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