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The Neurological Magic That Happens When We Slow Down

A few weeks ago, an old knee injury started acting up again. I was in a great deal of pain.

The only way I could avoid aggravating it was by not going anywhere (not an option), or walking really really slowly. Slower than a senior citizen living in Alabama on the hottest day of the year. Yeah, that slow.

You can imagine what an odd thing it was to slow down that much. As a New Yorker, I was careful to move out of the way of the typical Ferrari-paced person as they revved up behind me and needed to pass.

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It's been amazing to me as I've been practicing quieting down my mind just how much it's filled with. I thought it would just be the day to day, what I had to do later, that my leggings were too small for me, was I sitting too close to the person next to me. When I close my eyes and center before class, it's so much deeper. They are sounds have been filling myself with my whole life.

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Vinyasa links our breath to movement one doesn't not exist without the other they move side by side, intertwined. As we move with intent our minds start to settle, we tune in to our breath we create our own rhythm, we are present. Each breath peels away our past, thoughts, experiences, and the many roles we have to play to be part of this world. When the layers start to dissolve the light of our true nature starts to shine through. 

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"Who's Driving this Thing?"

You're on a bus and it's jerky. Speeding up too fast, slamming on the breaks. You're holding on for dear life as you apologize for falling on the person next to you. You can't help but get mad at the driver, the faceless back of a head sitting several yards ahead of you causing tension all over your body. And then you remember to have compassion....  You think, maybe the driver had a hard day, or is behind schedule and doesn't want to get fired. You also remember how lucky you are to be going where ever it is your going. Suddenly your body releases and eases into the turns. Your feet get rooted and the pushes and pulls don't toss you around as much.
Now your driving your own car. It's a long distance to your destination. You start to wish you could stretch your legs, read a book, or take a nap and wake up at your destination. Control is good, but this road is tedious.

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"I see the Temple as the place where I find peace..."

For me, I see the Temple as the place where I find peace and comfort throughout each day.  It is an ever changing place, that ebbs and flows like a tide.  It is that moment I wake up and see the light coming through my bedroom windows, and enjoy quiet before my schedule takes over.  It is the notes of my favorite songs that I lose myself in on a long subway ride.  Or hearing my mom’s voice for just a few minutes during a busy day at work.  The moments that may be fleeting, but bring you back to the present, to yourself.

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