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August Theme: Slow

Okay, New Yorkers, admit it: yogi or not, we’ve all had evil thoughts about that unwitting tourist we end up walking behind down the subway stairs. Even if you’re not running to get somewhere on time, New York trains you to have a certain gait that outpaces most all other people on the planet. Yeah, we live in that city.  What’s cool about it is we get more done in a minute than many do in an hour, but that speed catches up with you when you get to the end of your day and you can’t slow down or shut down. So we come to yoga and meditation to balance it all out.

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Living Loving Kindness

About a week ago, I was having a rough morning. Just one of those mornings where everything is going wrong: the weather was terrible, my dog ran through mud and was a mess, I was running late, and then I JUST missed the subway. As the doors shut in my face, part of me wanted to scream. In my head, I was blaming the train conductor for not waiting two more seconds, cursing the guy who was taking forever to swipe his metro card...slipping farther and farther into a bad mood. Pretty much the opposite of loving kindness.

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"The temple is within us..."

I love that we are recognizing sacred spaces in ourselves and our lives. I certainly find my bedroom to be one of my temples. I have a small alter for my meditations and my windows face east so its very energizing to practice here in the mornings. Keeping this space clean and calm definitely keeps me at ease. However, when the weather is nice I find myself abandoning this temple to be outside. Living in New York I think the city's parks are all temples in themselves. There's something very cleansing about laying in soft grass and breathing in (relatively) fresh air especially in a place that calls us to spend most of our time in buildings or surrounded by concrete, these green spaces are all the more precious!

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