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Making Peace with the Past

The 'making peace with the past' theme could not have come at a more perfect, but also more difficult time for me. December 26th of 2015 marked 10 years since my best friend- my dad, had left my life and his physical body. I spent the entire month of December mentally and emotionally preparing myself for this day, somehow thinking that if I thought about it enough I would be able to control how I felt. But what I realized as that day came and passed, was that I have made peace with this past, and that I don't need to control whatever that feels like.

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October Theme: How to Deal with Anger

Anger only holds us prisoner in our own bodies. One might say "but anger has a purpose. It lets people know what they did is not ok." No. Communication has it's place, but communication can only be received if it is washed clean of all traces of anger. You do not offer someone berries and expect them to eat the viney thorny stem the berries grew on. Do not hold inside, or deliver any of your anger out into the world. Anger is one strange thing that we experience, and must be witnessed as a foreign object reduced in size and focus and ultimately released. 

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