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Inner Strength (June Theme)

Inner strength grows when you start to believe whole heartedly that absolutely no one or nothing has the power over your happiness but you.

When life feels off balance in some way, it's natural to look at our external circumstances and check to see if any change needs to be made. While it's true, making changes to our external lives can reflect intuitive direction toward continued growth, what happens when you've tried all the changes you could, externally, and something just still feels wrong?

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August Theme - Vinyasa

Last month's theme “Who’s driving this thing?” really got me thinking about our movements through life and the connecting moments from place to place, person to person, role to role. In my life I'm a friend, yoga teacher, daughter, business owner… I'm in Brooklyn, Manhattan, traveling to teach places like Thailand and Costa Rica, trying to create a second home in Colorado.  All at once I'm in the past, present and future, I'm being here now, and laying seeds for being in places far away and in the future, as well as being in relationships with people some of whom I have not yet met, and some of whom don't even yet exist.

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