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"The Inner Temple"

The sound of singing bowls transmit a frequency, a silent humming of energy. There is one near each chakra, tuning the spokes of the wheels to source. It is a hymn of my love affair with the Divine. The scent of incense smoke petitions the spirits raising consciousness. Swirls, looping around each energy center collaborating in a purification rite ...a passage.

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"I see the Temple as the place where I find peace..."

For me, I see the Temple as the place where I find peace and comfort throughout each day.  It is an ever changing place, that ebbs and flows like a tide.  It is that moment I wake up and see the light coming through my bedroom windows, and enjoy quiet before my schedule takes over.  It is the notes of my favorite songs that I lose myself in on a long subway ride.  Or hearing my mom’s voice for just a few minutes during a busy day at work.  The moments that may be fleeting, but bring you back to the present, to yourself.

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