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"For the longest time fear was driving my life"

For the longest time fear was driving my life, primarily fear of the unknown and failure. I worked very hard to line everything up the way I thought it should be in order to live a secure and successful life. As the years went and my financial security grew, my fear didn't subside, instead, I began to fear that I would be stuck in a job and a life that didn't make me happy, that didn't excite me, that made me dread the beginning of the week. I didn't know how to get out of this world that I had created for myself, a world that I thought I truly wanted.

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Lean In...

You’re facing downhill: gravity’s force begins to pull you, your boots tightly locked onto two thin rods that are meant to slide swiftly on cold snowy ground. The goal: to have fun, the challenge: controlled speed. The mission: to stay balanced while navigating the very forces you invited to your party. These forces provide the platform for your journey, and at the same time seem to try to throw you off your game at every turn.  …The rule: Lean in....

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