The lavender plant is beautiful to look at. We have some sitting in a vase at the studio, and even just to look at the graceful purple stems has a calming affect. But every once in a while I remember the treat that can happen when I pinch off a leaf and crush it between my fingers to release the the earthy, soothing aromatic fragrance. 

It's a reminder of our potential and our state of being. The process of transformation can feel crushing at times. But to release our greatest potential we must sometimes be willing to let go of our present form and structure. This can be frightening down to our core. After all, we have come to know ourselves in a certain way. Well grooved habits are more comfortable than the raw and rough frontier. 

But the process of liberating our potential reveals a part of us that would have otherwise laid dormant. And if we are wise, we will not lose all the previous smooth edges we had worked to achieve before. They will come with us and find a new expression. Allow yourself the opportunity to transform. To create a different path, to respond to an occurrence differently than before, and to look forward and be surprised by your own ability to be someone new within yourself. 

Ella Luckett