New to YOGA? Or New to JAI? Here’s all you need to know

You can just show up! No need to pre-register. Just arrive 10 minutes before the start of any class and we will help you get started in person. Or to register online: Click on our class schedule page.

What to wear?

Something comfortable, stretchy, or loose-fitting.

What to bring?

Just yourself, some water, and a small towel for perspiration (if you forget water, we have bottles for sale). We have mats to rent or purchase.

What if I've never done yoga?

We recommend the Basic Beginners or Easy Flow classes to start. Check the class schedule page to find out when they are happening.

New Here?

If you are new to yoga or just getting back into it, you are in good company! Many people who come to us are in your same place. The best class to start out with is our Easy Flow. This is a vinyasa class where we will move from pose to pose in a slow, smooth manner, with nothing super-challenging. You will be refreshed and energized! Our teachers are all really knowledgeable and will make you feel right at home from your first class.