Jai Classes

Every Jai yoga class has a few distinct qualities that we believe are essential for an effective practice.

  • Dharma: Just a small seed of wisdom to plant in the beginning to give our minds somewhere to go when we start to get distracted. This makes for a focused practice and teaches us a little bit about the wisdom and science of yoga in each class. 
  • Flow: Lets get moving! Prana (life force energy) gets stuck in our bodies due to our stationary lifestyles and  mental and emotional stressors. Moving the spine and getting the blood flowing, helps dissolve this stuck energy and build strength and fluidity.
  • Breath: At Jai, we focus on the breath throughout the practice, to engage our whole conscious system into one focused practice. Breath represents our consciousness, and asana (yoga poses) represent our actions. By practicing breath in conjunction with asana our life outside of class becomes a more powerful manifestation of our highest dreams. Yoga is a practice for living, not for just stretching.
  • Meditation: The mind is our most powerful tool, yet it needs cleaning just like any other part of our body. Once we've cleared stuck energy from our bodies, it's the perfect time to spend a few minutes consciously clearing the mind. Our teachers are skilled at helping you hit the re-set button on your brain.
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Easy Flow

Perfect for beginners, and/or people who just want a more calm and mellow practice on a given day. We move from pose to pose in a slow fluid sequence, and then hold each pose for five Ujjai breaths. We keep the poses basic, and don't attempt anything too advanced in this class, but you'll still get a good amount of moving and flowing. We always finish with meditation and savasana.

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ALL Flow

All Flow is a mid level Vinyasa class with emphasis on breath connection in a dynamic flow.  We move from pose to pose in a medium to swift pace fluid sequence, and then hold each pose for five Ujjai breaths. You'll get your heart pumping and maybe attempt one or two advanced poses, amidst a graceful array of more basic poses. We always finish with meditation and savasana.

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All Flow 2


In this class, we turn up the pace and intensity of the vinyasa flow and challenge you to break barriors in your body and mind. All Flow 2 has slightly faster paced transitions, and some deep long holds sprinkled with a few advanced postures.

All are welcome to try out the All Flow 2 class and try a little extra challenge! Modification will be available.


Flow and Restore

In a Flow and Restore class the first half is and Easy Flow class (see description above). The second half is "Restorative" where we hold relaxed postures that don't require any effort, for slightly longer periods of time. In these passive postures, you can just close your eyes, sink in to the blankets and supportive props, and let the pose work it's magic.