Ella's Favorite Products

In sixteen years of teaching yoga and wellness, I've tried hundreds of the related products out there, here are my fav's! 

Skin/Hair & and Beauty

I was shocked to learn from my sister that the products I was using, even the "organic" ones contained dangerous toxins that were being absorbed through my skin. Since switching to Beauty Counter Products I have peace of mind knowing that I'm safe from harmful chemicals, and also they make me look and feel awesome!


super YOga mat

If you want to treat yourself to the best yoga mat out there, I recommend this one by Jade. It's the best stick factor, while being just the right thickness to comfort you, but not throw you off balance. The feel of the rubber is really nice and gives a more cushion than the basic. (around $70)

Basic Yoga Mat

If you're a no-frills kind of practitioner, then a basic yoga mat is what you want. There's a lot of really bad ones out there, so that's why I put this link so that you can get one that will work. This one is the right thickness, and is sticky enough to get the job done. (around $20)